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Many people forget but wood is one of the only materials in nature and that is restorable. We at WÜDSTR know this and have the utmost respect for mother nature. There for we made an agreement with our suppliers that we would plant a tree for every 10th purchase we have on our shop,  at our expense. Nevertheless that on today WÜDSTR already uses recycled wood, like skateboards, and the fast growing bamboo for most of their products. With doing this we try to look forward and want to leave a better world where you can wear our products and do something back for nature.

The benefits of using our glasses: 

Durable + Lightweight. These super durable wooden sunglasses are designed to be stylish, comfortable and most importantly - ECO friendly. For the strongest and most lightweight construction, these sunglasses are mainly crafted out of reclaimed skateboard material, walnut and/or bamboo. Each model produced in a limited quantity, just crafted for you.

Polarized and 100% UV protected. WÜDSTR cares about your eyes, using only one the best polarized polycarbonate lenses that filter out all of the UV rays blasting from the sun. 

Bamboo Box + cleaning cloth. Each pair of wooden sunglasses comes with a branded small bag, a bamboo box for safekeeping and a special cloth to clean your glasses.



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