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Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses?

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Why Choose Wooden Sunglasses?

While on your shopping sprees, don’t you feel the need to buy something unique? Something that you can keep with you for a while even when the seasons shift and the trends fade into oblivion?

Think about it, you walk past a group of people rocking the latest eyewear, and as they walk past you, you feel that they managed to make you turn your head and notice them. What if we told you that their eyewear can’t hold a candle to what we have to offer? Yes, you too can shine with a vintage style luxury accessory. You just have to know what that ‘right’ accessory is.

Think about it, you are looking up shades that can go with anything you wear, and all of these are just mass produced metal or plastic frames that don’t do much to improve your visage. With these cheap plastic frames you’ll get what you pay for and nothing more.

Stylish Eyewear That Goes Back To the Roots

What if you could break the mass production standards of the fashion industry and come up with something that screams the literal sense of awesome? If you must be diverse, you might as well go for something stylish and authentic like wooden eyewear frames. They not only look fashionable, but also give you that air of authenticity.

Handcrafted, High Quality Unique Pieces

When it comes to quality, wood tops every other synthetic material out there. Then there is something to be said about handcrafted goods. Humans instead of machines make these goods. This gives them their soul as artistic hands passionately and carefully craft every inch of the product.

Would You Choose Plastic Over Wood?

Those who think wooden accessories are a thing of the past need to re-evaluate the choices they have made in terms of fashion… and in life in general. Overly harsh statements aside, synthetic materials were never meant to take over the world of fashion. Some people are actually allergic to the synthetics materials that most things are made out of. For them, wooden sunglasses are the perfect option of trendy couture.

All that is exactly why wooden glass frames are all the rage around the world right now. Instead of color tones, you will be debating over maple, sandal, bamboo or kosso wood textures.

Each pair of wooden sunglasses is completely unique because they’re made out of real pieces of wood, each having their own texture and grain. This means that NO ONE will have the exact same pair of glasses as yours. And yes, it looks just as cool as it sounds.

MALTIM glasses collections make sure that you find the right match for your personality. So go ahead and browse our collections, you will not be disappointed.

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